Nov 14

11- Tips for success in Screencasting – Lon Naylor on

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Doug Foresta is the interviewer and host of this podcast show.

Lon Naylor on CoachZing

In this episode, we have a repurposed interview — as it is originally published by The reason why we deliver it in entirety and unedited as the final mp3 file published by CoachZing is that the person being interviewed is Lon Naylor, who is known as “Mr. Learn Camtasia” or “The Camtasia Guy.”

Lon Naylor - success in screencasting

As you will hear in this audio episode, Lon gives strategies for improving your content on the web for video or screencasts. He describes the most common errors that content creators make when they enter the environment of video publishing — as well as how to avoid them.

Lon has had success in his several web sites with educational, training, entertaining and informative video — and now podcasts — such as:

Lon is a successful video and screencast content creator, as well as a recent podcaster at Screencast Weekly.

If you wish to contact Lon, he is available at:

Doug Foresta may be reached at

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