Aug 28

02- Podcasting for Screencasters

Lon Naylor from and delivers a tutorial and deconstruction of how an audio podcast of 13 minutes can be the basis in creating a screencast, with interesting visual story-telling and a call-to-action. He took a portion of an online webinar to help explain the benefits of podcasting to screencasters in this deconstruction, and he explains some of the tools and templates that he used or created to make this happen.

Although this is an audio podcast episode, you can go to the screencast and visual tutorial at:

As you will hear in this audio episode, Lon Naylor’s deconstruction shows how a plan with a simple template and consistency can deliver a screencast that can meet the overall objectives of a call-to-action:

– a template created in PowerPoint(R);

– consistent typestyle, typeface, font and color schemes;

– consistent visual layout, including a single graphic image and a single phrase for each of the nine elements of the presentation;

– bulleted lists can be used for lists, as they are “dissolved” in; and

– simple, non-exaggerated animations (i.e., slow fly-ins and move-ins) can add to the visual engagement with the viewer and listener.

You can go to the finished screencast of this case-study tutorial at the following link:

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In the next episode of Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts, we will present an audio session that was delivered at the Podcast Movement conference that delivers ideas, info and suggestions for generating additional revenue streams by adding screencasting to the podcasters’ skills portfolio.

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Aug 28


Welcome to SKILLS in SCREENCASTS and PODCASTS(TM). This podcast will help aspiring New Media professionals — as well as those already engaged in Podcasting and Screencasting — to increase and add new skills to their professional portfolios.

Your hosts will be:

Lon Naylor , an experienced Video and Screencast Instructor and Professional (sometimes known as “Mr. Camtasia”), who has his sites of both and

and he is also a Partner in the popular training site and program at:


Fred Castaneda, an experienced Podcaster with several Podcast shows.In addition to the popular Struggling Entrepreneur, he is the Podcast Reporter at

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to monetize and include New Media into your marketing mix — or a hobbyist — who is interested in New Media, podcasting, screencasting and other content creation, this podcast series can deliver information, hints, tips and some training insights for you.

We recommend that you please subscribe to this show, so that you can get each episode automatically as soon as it is released.

Coming up next:

Our first episode 01 will be an interview with Adam Curry of the No Agenda podcast, who is known as the “Podfather” — as he helped to make possible podcasting for us all. He will discuss New Media and screencasting for podcasters.

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