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Welcome to the Joint Venture of

Matrix Solutions Corporation and Logical Drive Marketing, LLC.


Welcome to Matrix Solutions Corporation is managed by Matrix Solutions Corporation.

Matrix Solutions Corporation (based in Texas) is committed to providing you with solutions for your business or personal requirements for:

  • Providing information and resources for ENTREPRENEUR TOOLS ONLINE;
  • Helping you with Internet Media through Podcasting and Screencasting and video training;
  • Delivering information and tools helpful to the Baby Boomer audiences for creating a Startup and helping to become successful before — and after — the launch of a startup;
  • Increasing your Personal Productivity with a free podcast and a Premium Seminar to give you lifelong skills, so that you can ACCOMPLISH MORE IN LESS TIME WITH BETTER QUALITY AND REDUCED STRESS;
  • Increasing your Entrepreneurial or Small Business skills in the area of FINANCE FOR STARTUPS;
  • Sponsoring different non-profit organization support podcasts and sites for specific chapters of Veterans Service Organizations;
  • Delivering in-person education in the field of Podcasting, Personal Productivity and Time Management and Small Business Launches, Development and Growth.
  • Providing trends, directions and Information for Podcasting for the serious Media Professional, as well as the Podcaster and Screencaster.


Increasing your Personal Productivity

Matrix Solutions is certified as a training company partner in professional development skills and education in the area of Personal Productivity and Time Management from several firms.
Among them was Q4 Systems, Inc. of Dallas, Texas.
Matrix Solutions Corporation is now offering a free companion podcast to help you increase your own Personal Productivity, especially if you are…

  • An Entrepreneur, or
  • A Small Business Owner, or
  • An Internet Marketer or Online Marketer, or
  • A Podcaster,…and

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and you need to…

  • accomplish more
  • in less time
  • with better quality
  • with reduced stress,

then subscribe to the free companion podcast so that you can…

Gain Control of Your Day

Subscribe to this free companion podcast series and get the free premium course for Personal Productivity at:

You’ll get free productivity tips and hints that will help you in your everyday business and with the activities in your personal life. These hints can be delivered directly to you as podcast episodes, or you can get them as whitepapers.

This free companion podcast will direct you to the Personal Productivity Seminar offered by Matrix Solutions Corporation via the Podcast channel. This seminar is based on the offering from Q4 Systems, Inc.


Help with  New Media through Podcasting and Screencasting

Matrix Solutions can assist you with an affordable way to enhance your Business with a presence and increase your reach by providing any or all of these services to you:
– planning and creating a podcast series for your Organization;
– producing the podcast to your satisfaction;
– distributing your podcast to the best areas in the Internet and publishing your episodes; and
– assisting you in setting up other new media strategies (e.g., blogs, video training, screencasts, etc.).

– providing training for Podcasters who wish to enhance their skills and build value into their professional portfolio with screencastiing — and vice-versa.

Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts-2014

Other Podcasts from Matrix Solutions Corporation

 The Struggling Entrepreneur:

 Struggling EntreprenuerIf you get the feeling that you are struggling to overcome the challenges and issues that face all entrepreneurs in one form or another; and at one time or another– especially when:

  • You want to start your own business and become a successful Entrepreneur…or
  • If you have already started your own small business, but you want to take it to the next level for success…

If this sounds familiar, then welcome to THE STRUGGLING ENTREPRENEUR, a free podcast that deals with the business challenges, issues and the problems facing the new Small Business owner or entrepreneur. In addition to interviews where you can hear from those who have already overcome these challenges, we will also provide links to recommended resources to assist the struggling entrepreneur.

To subscribe to this free podcast go to iTunes

or go to the web site of

Help for Entrepreneurs with FINANCE FOR STARTUPS


To help aspiring Entrepreneurs, the podcast Finance for Startups provides and delivers the following value:

– Free whitepaper on capitalization;

– Free audio book for a very general overview of what is required and the mindset for managing your finance for startups;

– Free Premium Seminar available for a 7-week course with the details and the provision of skills for those entrepreneurs who want to manage their own finance for startups.


Podcast about the Podosphere

The podcast called The-Podcast-Reporter, and also known as the site www.podcastreporter is also managed by Matrix Solutions Corporation.

This podcast is for serious media contenders in today’s Podcasting Industry.  It provides information relevant for podcasters in the Industry as it relates to key participants, content creators and publishers, events and announcements, etc.


This podcast can also be accessed via the following URLs:


Cultural and Educational podcasts

A cultural, educational and entertaining podcast sponsored by Matrix Solutions Corporation deals with folkloric dance and music of Mexico:

Click here to go to podcast of: Arriba! Folklorico Music and Dance of Mexico

Veterans Service Organizations

Matrix Solutions Corporation also sponsors podcasts for several veterans service organizations:

Combat Infantrymen’s Association, Div. 4;


82nd Airborne Division Association, Alamo Chapter.

You can reach Matrix Solutions Corporation via email at:   matrixsolutionscorp @  [separated to prevent spam]



Lon Naylor is the principal for this firm. He is currently engaged with this Joint Venture, as well as three other intellectual properties on the Internet:

Learn Camtasia

Lon is a key principal of He provides offerings, products and a weekly coaching program for New Media professionals that want to learn video and screencasting — or who want to improve their skills in these fields. This program currently has a co-host.

For screencasting, the product of choice in which the program goes into depth is Camtasia Studio(R) from TechSmith, Inc.(R)

For videos, the product of choice in which the program goes into depth is Microsoft(R)  PowerPoint(R).

Lon Naylor, who is the Joint Venture member, is also part of this intellectual property program. ScreencastStudios provides tools and tips for making better quality videos described as “profit-pulling videos.”

There are other members of the team, and you can see who they are at this link:

Screencast Profits is all about a single mission…to rid the world of poorly produced videos made with either Camtasia Studio or Microsoft PowerPoint!

The princpal is Lon Naylor.


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