Feb 28

48- Review of Podfest conference from Dave Jackson

From an attendee, participant and speaker — i.e., Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting — we deliver a discussion of his perspectives of the recent Podfest conference in Tampa, Florida, and the value that this event delivered to the attendees and speakers. We get this dialogue direct from the event venue over the phone. Dave informs us of the conference structure, the attendees, the exhibitors, topics and the networking…and much more.  We even discuss whether this conference may become a key, big event for podcasters.

Dave Jackson at PodfestWe recorded this over the telephone with Dave’s audio coming from the speakers of an iPhone, as Skype(R) was giving problems and was unreliable. Thus, the quality coming from Dave is not the same as ours (since our end of the recording was on a set of Zoom(R) condenser mics). We apologize for that, but we had to make concessions with the tools that we had — especially with Dave in a mobile environment at the venue just after the conference program wrapped up and finished.

One other note:  we purposely left the entire discussion UNEDITED — so that you can hear the natural discussion without any artificiality. Well, is that not how a “podcast reporter” should deliver the happenings and perspectives to you, the audience?

As you will hear in this audio podcast, topics that we discussed were following:

– the venue and its suitability for this second annual event;

– the structure: one main ballroom (a single “tract”) for the entire 3 days, instead of multiple sessions running concurrently;

– the estimate of attendees and who they were (i.e., aspiring podcasters, current podcasters, etc.);

– the topics that stimulated interest, excitement, passion and discussion — e.g., monetization, niche areas of passion, etc.

– the exhibitors — who they were, the value delivered to the attendees and the areas they covered;

– the NETWORKING and the buzz during the event, especially in the area of possible partnerships, projects and joint ventures;

– and finally, Dave’s perspective of the possible growth of the event — especially a question of: will this event grow to be the podcast conference for the first half of the year? (even superseding NMX?)

Podfest web site

– the 2 announcements at the beginning of the interview: (1) Dave Jackson has adopted the title of PODCAST MENTOR; and (2) in March, 2016, Dave will be an employee of Libsyn. We wish him well.

You can contact Dave at:

(a) web site and flagship podcast at: www.schoolofpodcasting.com; or

(b) via email at dave @ schoolofpodcasting.com [to avoid spam]


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Feb 23

47- Skills from a visually impaired podcaster – Matt Cox

In this episode, we interview Matt Cox — a podcaster who is visually imparired (i.e., blind), but who has more than 8 years in podcasting his show, BRUNCH WITH THE BRITS.

Matt Cox

As you will hear in this audio podcast, Matt had accepted the challenge of podcasting when he wanted to enlarge the scope of his passion — the old-time BBC radio shows. After he received permission from the BBC to produce his podcast and use some of their content, he proceeded to create a podcast show that now has over 100,000 downloads.

What is very interesting is that Matt now has a workflow for planning the podcast content and show notes, creating the text for the show notes, recording and editing the audio file, then uploading and publishing the podcast episodes in his show (which is in iTunes(R) as well).

As Matt discusses, he had his Producer-Director Maria help him with getting started into creating the process of workflow — from the inception stage of planning to the final upload and publishing of the episodes.

Matt’s next steps are getting images and links within his processes and having them in his show notes. You will realize how he addressed the challenge of podcasting, and how he was able to attend the NEW MEDIA EXPO 2015 conference and finally meet face-to-face the personalities and podcasters that he admired (among them Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting, Ray Ortega of The Podcasters Studio, Todd Cochrane of The New Media Show and Rob Walch of Libsyn).

Matt continues to provide his free podcast to the audience who is passionate about old-time BBC radio show.

iTunes preview- Brunch with the Brits

Matt has no plans to become a full-time entrepreneur at this time, as he is a full-time employee at the Marriott Hotel Reservations system and he loves his work, as well.

For Matt, the world of accessible programs has given him the tools to address his challenge of becoming a podcaster and succeeding.

Matt Cox may be contacted at:

– e-mail:  brunchwiththebrits@gmail.com

– podcast: www.BrunchWithTheBrits.net

select this link for the iTunes preview.

– twitter: bwtbrits


NOTE: This episode interview was recorded by Matt Cox and delivered to Fred Castaneda for publication. It has purposely been unedited and unabridged, and the “natural” energy of Matt Cox comes through.

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Feb 10

46- A brave, new world for Podcasting Conferences – a brief review and questions

In this episode, we ask the question of the Podcast conferences for this year — not only for planning, budgeting and focus issues — but also if this is, indeed, a “Brave New World” in podcasting conferences (to use the borrowed phrase from A. Huxley and his book).

Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts-2014

As you will hear in this audio episode, what brought about this topic for us was the post that Jeffrey Powers included in the google+ community stating that a malware advisory (that has now turned into a blocked page and alert) was being delivered at the NMX 2016 site.

And just before posting this episode, we did, indeed, confirm the advisory and warning about malware on the NMX2016 site. Very sad to see that.

So, in this episode, we review the 4 different major Podcast conferences for 2016:

1.  Podfest in Tampa Florida (where Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting  will be one of the key speakers) from 26-28 in Tampa, Florida;

2. Podcast Movement 2016 from 6-8 July in Chicago;

3. LA Podfest in the September-October time frame in Southern California;


4. New Media Expo 2016 — originally and tentatively scheduled from 18-21 April in Las Vegas. Note that this event was originally scheduled to be once again held along with the National Association of Broadcasters Show (i.e., NAB Show).

There is uncertainty and doubt about the present and future of NMX — especially with the event having been scheduled to begin in less than 2 months from the publication of this episode.

But the main reason for exploring this question is that, as podcasters (or aspiring and potential podcasters) who wish to get value from these conferences, we need to:

– Plan our schedules for attending inbound in-person events;

– Plan our travel, including costs;

– Plan and confirm our budgets for these live events;

– Plan our CONTENT before, during, and after these events — especially if the content focuses on the value or results of attending the conferences;


– Plan our messages that we may deliver to our audiences of the value received from being involved in one of these conferences.

Perhaps we will know more after the Tampa, Florida, event — especially if Dave Jackson provides an episode in his podcast which will deliver a good review of Podfest Florida (and the value it could bring to the podcaster, the exhibitor, and those who networked).

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Feb 02

45- Podcast show notes and syndication – an experiment

Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts-2014

In this brief audio episode, we discuss some experiments in podcasting about:

(1) the value of show notes and the experiment that we performed with the previous episode (that is, number 43 of this series Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts) where the value of the episode and the discussion and proof points with the case-in-point was totally in the SHOW NOTES — and where the actual case study was a totally repurposed episode in the audio mp3 file; and

(2) the value of syndication of content within your own multiple podcasts or within your podcast network.


(1) The experiment and results of SHOW NOTES

It was evident that the majority of the audience that subscribes to this podcast never even looked at the show notes. This may be for several reasons:

– they may have subscribed to the podcast with the podcast app in the iOS devices, and thus, never even had gone to the show notes;

– they may just download the audio to a podcatcher (like iTunes) and will only listen to the episode, and never look at the show notes; or

– they may not be interested in show notes — they may be people whose mantra is “talk net”; or they may be like Joe Friday in Dragnet with “just the facts, ma’am.”

Since we are experimenting with different ideas relevant to the podcasting audience, we shall listen to the feedback and include in the audio intro about the experiment, and we shall let the audience know that the main discussion will be in the show notes (for a similar type of case study content).

So, our results showed that show notes are a great ADDITIONAL resource for those who wish to consume them. But the main content should always be the audio for the podcast, with an intro or explanation of what the format will include if there is to be a repurposing of the content in the form of a case study.

Suffice to say that many podcasters are experimenting with different ideas and different formats and different methods of presenting content in their podcasts.


(2) The value of syndication of content within your podcast shows

It is true that many podcasters are so passionate about podcasting that they start a second podcast show, then another, and perhaps another after that (I myself have 8 podcast shows currently — down from 16).

And, if the shows are somewhat related, then syndicating your own content for other shows within your content distribution can be a great way to support different audiences.

Whether you have your own podcast network — or just multiple podcast shows — there is value to the listeners of each show for syndicated content to be delivered from one show to the next. The value to these audiences of each podcast show is evident from the feedback.

The challenge may be that the same subscribers to one major podcast show may also have subscribed to the other shows where the main content is syndicated. If so, then a repetition factor or boredom may lead to these once loyal listeners skipping episodes or finally unsubscribing.

Our suggestion is to use tact and deliver the syndicated content at different time intervals, so that they don’t all publish around the same time. From feedback, we have discovered that our listeners will thank you for this variety.


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Feb 01

44- Podcasting for non-profit groups with successful case studies

In this episode, we review the aspect of creating a podcast for a non-profit group or organization. We also deliver 2 case studies of how to develop your podcast, grow your audience, support fundraising activities and promote longevity for membership responsibility of the organization’s podcast.

The 2 case studies are about military service organizations (501 c 3).


This was a presentation originally prepared and delivered at the New Media  Expo 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Select this link to download or view the slides that complement this audio episode as a presentation.

As you will hear in this detailed audio episode, there are many activities that are supported by a podcast for the non-profit group.

Also, the organization can benefit in many ways by creating a podcast and nurturing it for the membership audiences for which it is aimed.

Thus, a niche podcast for a niche audience can well serve a non-profit organization, and the two success stories can provide lessons learned, as well as be cases-in-point.

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